Dominating the 2nd weight class in kickboxing

After becoming the world kickboxing champion in two weight divisions, after 652 days (1 year, 9 months and 14 days), he took the UFC throne, the best mixed martial arts organization. This is the story of Alex Pereira (36, Brazil), the ‘man with stone fists’ UFC Light Heavyweight (-93kg) Official Ranking 15th Dustin Giorcoby (35) defeated Kennedy Njechuku (31. Nigeria) at home. Pereira won the 2nd weight class up to -95kg in January 2021 after succeeding in the 5th defense as the -85kg champion who rose to Glory in October 2017. After winning 9 consecutive victories in tournament finals and title matches from March 2014, he suffered a 1-2 decision loss only in September 2021 -95kg 1st defense, held a day after the UFC contract was announced.

It means that he was a top-notch stand-up striker to the extent that he lost narrowly even though he was in a situation where he had to return the championship belt because he had to go to the UFC even if he won. Pereira won the middleweight (-84 kg) challenge with three consecutive wins in his UFC debut from November 2021 to July 2022, and became the champion in November. Jacoby lost by KO in the semi-finals of the Glory -85kg Title Challenger Tournament in March 2014 after being hit by a Ferreira left hook 2 minutes and 2 seconds into the match. In a pre-video interview for UFC on ESPN 50, MK Sports asked Jacobi, who knows Ferreira better than any other mixed martial artist.

When asked, ‘As a senior who fought two UFC fights between 2011 and 2012, did you expect Pereira, a fellow Glory player, to become a world-class mixed martial artist?’ He showed his wrestling inferiority even in his UFC light heavyweight (-93kg) debut and expected to be attacked,” he confessed. After failing in his first defense of the UFC middleweight title in April 2023, Pereira moved up to light heavyweight. In July, he beat former champion Jan Buahovic (40, Poland) 2-1 by decision and became third in the official UFC rankings.

“I thought he was the best striker in Glory,” said Jacoby. He said, “I didn’t think I would do this well after coming to the UFC.” Regarding the success of mixed martial arts that exceeded expectations, Jacobi said, “Pereira is coached by Glover Teixeira (44, Brazil), who is a former UFC light heavyweight champion and has a very good ground. He analyzed the reason, saying, “He is training better than ever.” Taysheira has 19 wins and 8 losses in 27 matches in mixed martial arts major tournaments alone, including WEC 3 wins and 1 losses from 2002 to 2006 and UFC 16 wins and 7 losses from 2012 to 2023. His high-level experience, including 2 wins and 2 losses in 4 UFC title fights, is a great help to his disciple Ferreira.

As Jacobi mentioned, Taysheira is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu 2nd dan who won the 2009 ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship South American qualifier and is not lacking in terms of mixed martial arts as a top-class grappling skill. 안전놀이터 Pereira minimizes grappling stamina consumption by avoiding excessive resistance while doing what she can when standing clinch and ground situations occur in UFC 6 fights (5 wins and 1 loss). The duration of a mixed martial arts match is 5 minutes per round. If he does not surrender due to choking or articulation, the referee will stand him up. Pereira just needs to take a break and start the next round where he can strike with confidence.

Like Prospect Jacoby, Pereira showed wrestling defensive issues early on in his first UFC light heavyweight fight with Vuahovic. However, thanks to the endurance he saved by not trying to force himself out, he allowed only three takedowns, and the 70-52 advantage in effective hitting was the basis for a decision victory. Apart from transcending imagination, Jacobi said, “I am really happy that Ferreira has worked well as a mixed martial arts fighter. There are many people who have only seen UFC activities, but he is a 14-year-old professional kickboxer. He sincerely congratulated him, saying, “I’m glad that his long-honed skills are finally getting the recognition he deserves, and he’s earning his big bucks.”

Jacoby said, “I wish Ferreira, who has been sincerely devoted to fighting sports, the best of luck in the future.” I thought it would be really cool if we, who had been fighting as kickboxers, worked out together.” However, as Ferreira moved from middleweight to light heavyweight in mixed martial arts, he and Giacobe became the same weight class in the UFC following Glory. It is now possible to have a rematch with respect, blessings, and gratitude behind.

Jacoby said, “Of course. I want to make up for the defeat I suffered during my stand-up striker days. The warrior spirit inside me says so,” he said, saying that he would not hesitate if given the opportunity to take revenge. However, “Pereira is now ranked third in the light heavyweight division from the UFC middleweight champion. He also did not forget the realism that (for me, who is 15th), he has more work to do for the time being.

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