Difference from the J-League

Amano Jun is passing through his second year in the K-League. He grew up at Yokohama F. Marinos Academy and signed a professional contract in 2014. After playing an active role in Yokohama, in the summer of 2019, he also challenged the European stage on loan to KSC Lokeren (Belgium). Amano, who returned after a short year of challenge, took his first step in the K-League last year on loan to Ulsan Hyundai. He and coach Hong Myung-bo shared Ulsan’s first league championship in 17 years. He led the team’s offense with 9 goals, 1 assist, and double-digit offensive points in 30 games in the league.

With creative passing in the second line and the ability to hit the penalty box directly, Amano seemed to accompany Ulsan once again. After the one-year lease period, his destination was, surprisingly, Ulsan’s rival Jeonbuk. At Ulsan Munsu Stadium, where the opening round of the 2023 season was held, booing was poured out towards Amano. Amano, who is having a 2023 season with many injuries, faces an increasing number of Japanese fellow players in the K-League. There are Ataru Esaka (Ulsan), Keita Suzuki (Daegu), Masatoshi Ishida (Daejeon), who was promoted from K-League 2, and Kazuki Kozuka (Suwon Samsung), who came to Korea in the summer.

Kazuki made his professional debut at Albirex Niigata in 2013 and later moved to Banforet Kofu, Oita Trinita and Kawasaki Frontale, which became a strong team in 2021. In two and a half seasons with Kawasaki, he didn’t play many games. The 2022 season J1 League 12 matches are the most league appearances. With 14 goals and 17 assists in 70 J2 League games and 2 goals and 8 assists in 65 J1 League games, Kazuki has the most appearances for Renopa Yamaguchi in the lower league, which he left on loan in Niigata. In the 2023 season, coach Kim Byung-soo took notice of him, who played only 5 games in the J1 League at Kawasaki, and recruited him in the summer. He showed off his talent that he couldn’t have bloomed in Suwon.

In particular, Kazuki’s performance was a great boost to Suwon, which was struggling at the bottom. 토토 Used as a 3-line midfielder, he is in charge of the starting point for attack development. Boasting an accurate kick and wide field of vision, he changed Suwon’s attack. Kazuki immediately became the center of Suwon’s football in that he was a player selected by coach Kim Byung-soo, who values ​​passing play and numerical superiority above all else. He played 6 league games right after the transfer and recorded his first attack point by assisting Han Ho-gang’s goal in the 26th round away from Jeonbuk.

Amano, who showed good performance for 10 minutes as a substitute in the second half of the match against Suwon, said about Kazuki’s performance, “Ataru, Masa, Kazuki, etc. are technically excellent players, and I think they are competitive in the K-League.” As more come in, the strengths of the J-League and K-League will be fused, and the K-League will be an opportunity to go up a notch.” He said, “To be honest, I am not able to show as much performance as last year. Of course, I am stimulated by the performance of Martha and Kazuki, and I am rather happy.” I naturally thought that it would work after coming to the K-League. These activities are stimulating me more.”

In addition to this, Amano commented that Kazuki’s performance seemed to come from differences between leagues. He said, “I know the players with skills who are active in Volante, the Kazuki position (defensive midfielder), from experiencing the K-League. “he said.

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