Competition for 1st place in PBA changed points system

Billiards (PBA) Team League ‘Defending Champion’ Blue One Resort has won three consecutive victories this season as well, and has a good start towards its second consecutive defeat. Blue One Resort defeated High1 Resort in the third round of the first round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024’ held at the ‘Goyang KINTEX PBA Stadium’ in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province on the 5th. First, they gave up the 3rd set and then won the 4th set, achieving a 4:3 double electrode.

1st place with 3 consecutive wins in the opening season. In particular, Blue One Resort boasted a strong back-and-forth by winning 3 games in a row 4-3. The starting point was High1 Resort. In the first set of men’s doubles, Vietnam’s ‘Nguyen Duo’ Phuong Linh and Duc An Chien defeated David Zapata (Spain) and Kang Min-goo 11-1 in 7 innings. Again, I caught it 9 to 1 in 3 innings. In the 3rd set men’s singles ace showdown, PBA 3rd Tour runner-up Rufi Chennet (Turkiye) defeated Zapata 15 to 4 in 3 innings.

Blue One Resort, driven to the brink, changed the atmosphere in the 4th set of mixed doubles. Chan Chapak (Turkiye) and Throng Piabi (Cambodia) defeated Chenet and Yong Hyun-ji 9 to 5 (9 innings). Captain Eom Sang-pil also caught Lim Seong-gyun 11 to 3 in 4 innings in the 5th set men’s singles. In the 6th set, even Throng defeated Lee Mi-rae 9 to 4 in 5 innings to return the game to the starting point. 토토사이트 In the final 7th set of fate, Kang Min-goo exerted his strength. After 5 innings, including 7 runs in a row, the opponent captain Lee Choong-bok turned 11 to 8 and took the end of the band electrode.

However, Blue One Resort is closely pursued by the second-ranked NH Nonghyup Card. They won 3 matches in a row, but the victory point is 6 because it is a 4-3 victory. Starting this season, the team that wins 4-3 gets 2 points and the losing team gets 1 point. For the rest of the game, the winner gets 3 points. NH Nonghyup Card has only played 2 games and is recording 5 points.

NH Nonghyup Card took a break on the 3rd, the opening day of the team league this season, which is held in a 9-team system. Since then, he has won two games in a row. At the NH Nonghyup Card on the 5th, Cho Jae-ho, Kim Min-a, and Mamin-kam (Vietnam) performed evenly, and last season’s rookie Antonio Montes (Spain) defeated Kim Tae-gwan in the 7th set and won against Crown Haetae with a set score of 4 to 3. .

Welcome Savings Bank defeated SK Rent-A-Car with a set score of 4 to 3, thanks to Birol Wimaz (Turkiye) winning two and Kim Im-kwon making a big success by beating Kang Dong-gung in the 7th set. Huons won 4-3 against Hana Card that day, with captain Choi Seong-won winning 2 wins, Semi Saigner (Turkiye), Javier Palazon (Switzerland), and Kim Bong-cheol showing even performances.

On the 6th, starting with the match between SY and Crown Haitai, the match continues with Welcome Savings Bank-High1 Resort, NH Nonghyup Card-Huons, and Blue1 Resort-Hana Card. SK Rent-A-Car is closed. Team League tickets can be purchased online (Interpark Ticket) and on-site.

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