Coach Lee Seung-yeop’s desperate criticism

Doosan and Lee Seung-yeop’s 11-game winning streak has been delayed by a day. The Gwangju KIA match on the 22nd was canceled due to monsoon rains. On the 23rd, Doosan will once again challenge the club’s record-high winning streak and Lee Seung-yeop’s record-high winning streak as a coach in his debut season.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop has already set the record for the most consecutive wins as a coach in his debut season. He failed to be a full-time coach, and he summoned the record of only two coaches, Kim Young-deok in 1982 and Kim Sung-geun in 1984. Former coach Jerry Royster also held the record of 11 consecutive wins in his debut season when he was Lotte in 2008. Along with coach Lee, LG Chun Bo-sung, Hanwha Lee Hee-soo, and LG Lee Kwang-eun have the most 10 consecutive wins.

After retiring after the 2017 season, Lee Seung-yeop had only experience as a commentator and as a manager of JTBC’s strongest baseball team, MONSTA X, without coaching experience. Naturally, there were concerns about trial and error. Looking at the actual early part of the season, coach Lee also committed trial and error.

However, in the course of 10 consecutive wins, Lee listened to the opinions of the people around him and believed in the players more. And I pushed ahead with my conviction as it was written. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but Lee proved it with results. It erased a lot of concerns raised by novice coaches.

When the Gwangju KIA match was canceled due to rain on the 22nd, head coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “When I wasn’t going well at the beginning of the season, I blamed myself a lot, ‘Is it not enough or too much. If the result is bad, it is definitely bench responsibility. At that time, I thought it wasn’t enough, not “Am I not good enough?” Of course, it’s not enough. “I thought I should fill it up while playing the game,” he said.

“The players play on the field, but I’m filling it up with a lot of thoughts,” he said. I study a lot, too. “It’s not perfect yet, but isn’t it better than the beginning of the season?” Then he smiled lightly. I’ve come to relax.

Doosan’s 10 consecutive wins are no coincidence. This is the result of the blood and sweat of the players, coach Lee, and other coaching staff. So Lee is more humble in front of baseball. He said, “11 consecutive wins? I don’t understand. You have to ask the players. In fact, it was time to win nine consecutive games and lose, but I think the energy was lost as I sent the brakes. Baseball can be lost or won. I hope you don’t cling to winning consecutive games. “In fact, our players did everything they could,” he said.

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