Choosing a Leader is An Urgent Priority? SSG, There’s Another Priority

Currently, SSG is ‘chaos’ itself. It’s been a mess for a month. Jeon was suddenly replaced, and the coaching staff changed a lot. 토토사이트 Futures coach Son Si-heon is new, and Lee Sung-yong is also in the first division. There was also quite a bit of noise in the process.

Then, in 23, one-club man Kim Kang-min left the team by force. He thought he would retire from SSG of course and return as a coach after training as a leader. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone thought so. There was a lot of criticism. There was a great storm. And general manager Kim Sung-yong was demoted. I moved to the head of the R&D center. This is where he was before he came up as the general manager. Therefore, it is also true that the look of ‘doubt’ continues.

Excluding fans, the players who would have been most hurt are the players. About a month has passed since the season ended with a semi-playoff Game 3 loss on October 25. In the meantime, too much has happened.

There is a direction revealed by SSG when he terminated his contract with head coach Kim Won-hyung on the 31st of last month. It’s cultivation. A situation centered on veterans. He said he would achieve a generational change by raising young players.

It’s a necessary part. The problem is that the series of processes was too urgent. He did not directly put a scalpel on the squad from the start. Instead, he changed his coaching staff a lot. Players who are changing the stance of the club are bound to be anxious. Especially for veterans.

Since then, there has been a story that a large number of veterans have been missing while drawing up a 35-member protection list for the second draft. In fact, Choi Joo-hwan left with Kiwoom’s designation, and Kim Kang-min will wear Hanwha’s uniform. The shock wave exploded properly.

Everything was good just a year ago. The regular season was won by wire-to-wire retaining first place from opening day to last day. He also won the Korean Series. Everything was perfect, from the owner’s hot investment to the enthusiasm of the fans.Everything has changed in a year. The joy the players felt quickly turned into anxiety. It wasn’t a second consecutive loss, but it still ranked third. It’s not a bad grade.

However, the club is pushing for a rapid change. He did not catch Kim Kang-min. It is no exaggeration to say that it gave a signal to the entire team that we can send it out at any time according to the policy. Even if it wasn’t SSG’s intention, that’s what happened. The reaction of the players was immediate. Kim Kwang-hyun, a pitcher who represents the team, left a bitter comment, and Han Yu-seom is the same. Park Sung-han also left a comment, I won’t forget, along with a picture of Kim Kang-min.

The players said, 23 years should not be ignored, and asked, Is this right? It should be seen that Kim Kang-min expressed his regret for leaving, but it can also be read as a backlash against the club. At this point, SSG’s quick push is the appointment of a new leader. It is also true that the general manager position cannot be left vacant.

If so, is it a fight for the pay. It could be right. But isn’t it the first thing SSG has to do in a real hurry to look inside and collect the hearts of the team first. The cow was lost. Don’t you think we should lose the barn.

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