Canadian Games Summit to discuss SIGA’s gaming model

The running of this year’s Canadian Games Summit promises numerous important insights into the current state of the local gaming industry and many more. There will be a section specifically designed to discuss the Saskatchewan Indian Games Committee and its business model and commitment to the community. Two officials from the panel will also be announced.

SIGA is a nonprofit organization that began operations in 1995, building a casino network that includes seven land-based casinos and devising an innovative revenue-sharing model. This model reinvests 100% of its net income into the Saskatchewan community and provides much-needed funding for organizations and groups.

At the conference, Patricia Cook, vice president of corporate affairs, and Desiree Gervais, vice president of human resources at SIGA, will discuss the introduction of the company’s first regulated iGaming market, and Summit’s exclusive Keynote Pireside chat will also present an innovative approach to regulatory agreements and revenue-sharing models.

The “First Nations Partnerships: Running the SIGA Model” keynote panel will be held at the Toronto Metro Toronto Convention Center on Thursday, June 15, 2023, as part of the Leadership and Growth Conference track, where steps will be discussed to make SIGA an important gaming power in the United States.

It should be recalled that in November 2022, with British Columbia Lottery Company’s , SIGA was able to launch its first regulatory market for digital gambling in Saskatchewan. Much of the discussion is about how the organization was able to strengthen its gaming framework agreement to debut the first online gaming company in state history.

In addition, the keynote speech will discuss innovative financial models that have strengthened the position of leading institutions and organizations in the Saskatchewan community, and the panel will also look at how other First Nations in Canada can implement these models.

Attendees at this year’s Canadian Games Summit will be able to participate in a series of discussions during the event, including a recently announced Land-Based conference track, which will discuss the future of a country’s offline gambling and the industry moving toward massive digitalization.

The conference track will begin with “lessons learned from communities and charity games” that explore how non-profit charities and commercial operators can still be viable and relevant, and there will also be “bringing new technologies and innovations to land-based games” that examine the integration of innovative technologies and land-based products.

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