“Because of the attempt to trade,” Kim Ha-sung’s belated switch to shortstop has been revealed

Bob Nightingale, a reporter for the U.S. media USA Today, mentioned Kim Ha-sung on the 25th (Korea time) by conveying the overall situation of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB).

“San Diego did not inform us in advance that Xander Bogaerts was switching from shortstop to second baseman until spring training because of the simple reason that he tried to trade Kim Ha-sung, who is now turning to shortstop,” Nightingale said.

On the 18th, MLB.COM (MLB.com ) released Xander Bogaerts’ interview, announcing that Kim Ha-sung will move to the shortstop position. Bogaerts, who was a shortstop last season, will play second base.

Usually, major issues such as position change are announced early, and people tend to build up their bodies through training appropriate for them. San Diego announced the change of infield position about a month before the opening of the season, and many said it was unusual.

Bogaerts said it took “15 seconds” to accept the position change, adding, “The only reason I came to San Diego was to win the World Series. So if it’s our way to win, we will. I want to win.”

San Diego manager Mike Shildt said, “Last year, Bogaerts was a really good shortstop,” but added, “But he recognizes Kim Ha-sung’s value as a shortstop.”

Kim Ha-sung suffered from trade rumors throughout the offseason. According to the U.S. media The Athletic, the San Diego Padres sold its players in an attempt to tighten their belts in the upcoming stove league. The trade of Juan Soto as well as the transfer of Seth Lugo and Michael Waka are related to this. Kim Ha-sung is also on the trade block.

However, MLB World Tour Seoul Series 2024 (hereinafter referred to as the Seoul Series) has emerged as a variable. The Athletic said on the 16th that the trade of Kim Ha-sung will be difficult for the time being.

If Kim Ha-sung is traded during the season, he will be excluded from the qualifying offer. A qualifying offer is a kind of FA compensation system that exists in MLB. The problem is that the Seoul Series will be held earlier than the MLB mainland opener.

The Athletic said, “If the deal is made between the Seoul Series and the opening match of the Mainland, it will be unprecedented since the implementation of the qualifying offer in 2012. In this case, according to a league official, it is unclear whether Kim Ha-sung will be traded.”

San Diego entered the season during the period, but other teams did so before the season. The Athletic said that the Major League Baseball secretariat and the players’ union jointly resolve the issue.

San Diego urgently revised its season plan due to regulatory difficulties, and it seems that Kim Ha-sung was turned to shortstop.

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-seong is displaying strong batting performance in exhibition games. Kim Ha-seong is recording two hits in two times at bat in exhibition games. He rested on Wednesday without playing in games.

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