BCLC Announces Lottery Winners

This week, the British Columbia Lottery shared the news of the 6/49 Lottery winners with Lotto Max. 슬롯머신 According to the Crown Agency, the winners were recently awarded C$1 million in the Lotto 6/49 lottery, C$500,000 in the Lotto Max lottery, and C$256,051.80. The winners have now cleared their windfall.

Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 are one of the most popular prizes in Canada and both come with good prize money and are drawn twice a week. British Colombians can purchase tickets to the game at all lottery retailers in the region or at PlayNow.com , BCLC’s official online platform. Ticket holders are also BCLC Lotto! You can check for potential wins through the app.

On Monday, July 4, 2022, The Crown Corporation confirmed that the $1 million Lotto 6/49 Lotto jackpot went to Larry Anderson. The Tapen resident now claimed a check for the mega giveaway and shared that he was at home when he found out it was actually him who won a million Canadian dollars in the area.

Mr. Anderson, who bought a ticket at the Blind Bay Village grocery store in Schwab, will be on BCLC’s Lotto after the June 8 draw! I found out that I won by scanning the ticket on the app. He then immediately gave the good news to his wife and children. The winner said he had no specific plan for the large jackpot and would have to wait for the impact to be resolved.

In addition to Mr. Anderson, the Crown Agency recently announced more major wins on the Lotto Max. The first winner is Daniel Warren from Langley, who won a spectacular C$500,000 prize from the June 3, 2022 match draw. With the money, Ms. Warren plans to find a new home and is finally able to take a dream trip to Greece with her boyfriend.

The third winning ticket in the state went to Adriana Miklosikova and her nursing colleagues from Coquitlam, who won an impressive CA$256,051.80. Their group consists of 15 nurses, who have been participating in the lottery together for two years now. The nurses now plan to distribute generous prizes and celebrate with a fun night out.

Over the years, British Colombians have won billions of dollars in cash prizes by playing the lottery. In 2021 alone, locals managed to claim more than C$890 million, according to BCLC. This has been a record year for Crown Corporation in terms of cashed prize money, which translates to a total of 102 million winning tickets over the calendar year.

One of last year’s many winners is Vinh Xiaochin, who won the Max Million Prize in the first round of the Lotto Max on December 10, 2021. The winner shared that he and his wife were quite shocked to learn that they both won a million Canadian dollars in cash. His chance of winning such a prize is one in 33,294,800, which is equivalent to getting all seven numbers right

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