Anton reveals the behind-the-scenes story of Changgeun Bit

I heard that manager Diego Simeone picked up his phone number. If he didn’t come to Daejeon, he went to Atletico.” Anton (25) made a joke to his teammate Lee Chang-geun (30, Lee Sang-daejeon Hana Citizen) that a Daejeon fan would not be able to laugh. Team K-League defeated Atletico Madrid 3-2 in the Coupang Play Series friendly match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 27th. With this, Team K-League presented the bitter taste of defeat to Atlético, the ‘Spanish giant’ who visited Korea for the first time in history.

Team K-League got off to an uneasy start as Tomar Lema scored the opening goal in the 12th minute of the first half. However, in the 4th minute of the second half, Anton scored an equalizer by connecting a free kick from Cesinha with an exquisite back header. A last-minute goal feast was held in the second half when the score was 1-1. Atlético wanted to win with Carlos Martin’s goal in the 40th minute of the second half, but Team K-League used a counter electrode. In the 43rd minute of the second half, Palosevic’s penalty kick tied the score at 2-2, and Lee Sun-min’s fantastic theatrical goal in the second half added time to secure the victory.

Anton’s credit was great. He opened the Atlético goal in the 4th minute of the second half and heated up the atmosphere by performing the so-called ‘control tower ceremony’. Anton opened and closed his long arms, enthralling the 60,000 spectators who filled the stadium. It was the moment when Anton’s dream came true. He looked forward to this match to the point of promoting himself through his social media to vote for him. Before the match, Anton said, “I feel really good. I think it will be a good experience for me too.” “I saw the taste of the goal myself and took a proper eye stamp.

Anton’s expression after the match was bright. He said with a smile, “It was a good match. It was a good experience for everyone because we were able to take the match result. We take 3 points. Until the morning of this day, Anton said that there was no ceremony prepared, and he said, “I think scoring a goal is the priority.” However, as soon as he scored, he approached the fans as if he had waited and showed off the perfect control tower ceremony.

When asked what happened, Anton said, “I’m just copying the mood. At that time, the stadium’s energy was good and I gained strength from the fans. I think that kind of ceremony came out because I wanted to repay the fans. I didn’t prepare it in advance. It was just a ceremony that came out at that moment.” grinned Atlético has many outstanding strikers such as Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata. Anton also expressed his anticipation before the game, saying, “As a center back, I want to stick with a strong and experienced striker. It will be a great experience.”

However, Griezmann and Morata played only the first half, and Anton played only in the second half, resulting in a mismatch. 토토사이트 Most of the Atletico players who came out in the second half were second-team players. Anton, who had high expectations, could have been disappointed. Nevertheless, when the story of the striker came out, he calmly said, “It is true that he is a good player, but it is only one game. If Anton brought the atmosphere in the second half, Lee Chang-geun put on a great save show in the first half. Daejeon blocked, Daejeon penetrated. He recorded 6 saves in 45 minutes and blocked the shots of world-class strikers every time. The save rate reached a whopping 85.7% (6/7).

It was a performance worthy of the dignity of the most voted domestic player (52160) in fan voting. The Daejeon club and fans who saw his defense parade cheered and shouted ‘Bitchanggeun’. Coach Hong Myung-bo also pointedly praised the team, saying, “I think it was a great motivation for Lee Chang-geun to give up only one run.” It seems that Team K-League players were also impressed with Lee Chang-geun’s performance. When the story of Lee Chang-geun came out, Anton said, “I heard a joke earlier. I heard that director Diego Simeone picked Lee Chang-geun’s phone number.”

Anton also joked that Daejeon fans would be sad, saying, “I think Lee Chang-geun will join Atletico.” He laughed, saying, “I think Lee Chang-geun will be at Atletico during the next training camp. If he doesn’t come to Daejeon, he will go to Atletico.”

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