An Expert Who Wants To Protect Children From Problem Gambling

It is no secret that online gambling is at an all-time high across Canada, and experts are concerned about the damage it can do to young people. 카지노사이트 Recently, Dr. Jeff Derebensky, a problem gambling expert at McGill University, provided some guidance to people who want to help young people avoid the potential risks of compulsive gambling.

Experts say problem gambling doesn’t just happen to adults because it can happen at a very young age, and even making fun bets with minors or presenting scratch lottery tickets for Christmas is not a good idea. Dr. Derebensky likened this to giving a 14-year-old a can of beer to make a point and said it could affect children in the long run.

In a recent interview, a gambling expert said that many people are trying to educate teachers on the subject, such as running gambling houses in classrooms or running casino nights for children and parents for real money. It’s dangerous because even small amounts actually increase sharply and young people can get overly involved.

Moreover, the expert noted that gambling has become socially acceptable and normalized as it has grown over the past few years, noting that everyone, including children, is receiving gambling ads, increasing the risk for children, and that the prevalence of gambling among adolescents could rise to 80%.

That’s why Dr. Deervensky wants to educate young people to find three warning signs of problematic gambling behavior. This includes those who win many gambles, those who lose gambling, those who lose gambling, and those whose thoughts on the next game activity are consumed. He advised children to have enough disposable income to do it, waiting until they are mature enough and can gamble legally.

Meanwhile, the Youth Gambling Problem Center offers advice for parents. Parents should explain not only the difference between responsible gambling and excessive and dangerous gambling, but also how much risk teenagers are at higher risk of gambling than adults. They should also not give gifts or offer lottery tickets to children or teenagers. Finally, abnormal changes in children’s behavior should be monitored.

A major factor in the growing popularity of online games in Canada is the iGaming sector for Ontario and private operators, which has attracted a lot of attention from gambling brands. This led to an influx of betting ads, which led Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission to propose banning the use of athletes and celebrities in such marketing and public relations efforts.

The regulator’s proposal was finally approved at the end of August 2023, but the new advertising rules will not take effect until February 2024. MPP Lisa Gretzky thinks states need to do more to deal with this.

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