About Ball Golf And Disc Golf

Disc golf and golf are two very different sports, although there are some underlying principles that are similar. In regular golf, you will use golf clubs to try and get a ball in a hole. With disc golf, you will use something that looks very similar to a frisbee, and you will throw it around on each hole until you eventually throw it in a basket.

The basket is the disc golf version of a golf hole. When you play disc golf, you still have 18 holes to play, and you play outside in a wide open space just like regular golf. However, there is considerably less equipment needed, and the game is not quite as involved.

What Is Disc Golf And Where Did It Come From

Disc golf was first created in Canada in the early 1900s. The idea came from a group of friends that would throw tin lids around and have it land in a circle type goal. The game evolved from there into what it is today. Disc golf continues to grow in popularity because it is affordable, fun, and easy to learn. The biggest similarity that disc golf has with golf is that a course is played in very much the same way. Where soccer, basketball, and hockey are played on a court that goes back and forth between two baskets, disc golf has 18 baskets.

The 18 baskets are going to form a course, just like regular golf. When you play disc golf, you will walk from one hole to the next, and each course is going to be different. This is part of what makes disc golf challenging in that you will have to learn to play other courses. Many golfers like to travel from one course to the next and see the scenery and how it changes. This is the same thing you will notice about disc golfers. Eventually, they will find a course that they love.

What Is The Different From Ball Golf

The biggest difference between disc golf and ball golf is the equipment and the necessary skills. If you are playing regular golf, you will need an entire set of clubs, golf shoes, golf clothes, a golf bag, and a whole host of other gadgets and devices to make it as a golfer.

The disc golf equipment and needs are much less involved. When you play disc golf, you usually will need three discs. The basket will be in place for you, and most of the time, there is not a dress code involved when you play disc golf. The three discs will be a driver, a mid range disc, and a putter as well. The equipment for disc golf is much less involved and will not cost you nearly as much money.

Disc golf also tends to be much less expensive to play. Depending on where you play golf, you can spend anywhere from $20 to $500 a round. Disc golf, over time, will prove to be less expensive than traditional golf. Some golf courses are private clubs that have large initiation fees, monthly dues, and more expenses.

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