A Regular Student Beat The Track And Field Team? Little Usain Bolt Hits Gyeonggi-do Province

In the national youth sports competition, ordinary students beat athletes in track and field to win gold medals. 스포츠토토핫 The main character is Donghwi of Gapyeong Jo Jong Elementary School.

On the 26th, Dong won the men’s fourth grade 200m in the first round of the 2023 Gyeonggi-do Provincial Presidential Year’s Track and Field Competition and the 53rd National Youth Sports Festival held at Yeoncheon Public Stadium in Gyeonggi-do. Dong, who ranked first in the preliminary round 30.63 seconds among 21 players in the three groups, won the gold medal with a time of 30.14 seconds, 0.49 seconds ahead of the record in the final round.

It was won by ordinary students, not professional players. In the final, Dong beat athletes from the track and field team to the top. He was 0.16 seconds ahead of runner-up Kim Gun-woo Saucho.

Jo Jong-cho currently has no track and field department. Dong has been training at Gapyeong Middle School’s track and field training center since a month before the competition. Dong is the only gold medal among the elementary school representatives in Gapyeong-gun who participated in the competition.

He is an ordinary student, but his skills are as good as those of the track and field team. On the 11th of last month, Dong won two gold medals, 100m 15.07 and 200m 31.64. Dong, who was selected as the representative of the 200m event for the fourth year of Gapyeong County, advanced the 200m record by 1.5 seconds in just over a month.

The competition, which involved 850 selected students from 31 cities and counties in Gyeonggi Province, caused an unexpected change. Dong also competed in the 800m on the 27th and ranked first in the preliminary round 2:37.40 out of 19 players in three groups, and did well in the final in fourth place 2:36.69. In the 800m final, all seven players except Dong are athletes from the track and field department.

Lee Eui-soo, a KBS track and field commentator who was in charge of commentating on the tournament, which was broadcast live on YouTube, said, “Donghwi’s last-minute acceleration was good,” adding, “I think he has a high potential for growth as a player with a very good speed.” “When I evaluate his running posture, he seems to be a very resilient player and uses the perfect technique for short-distance events,” he said. “I was impressed by his wonderful Usain Bolt ceremony.”

As Commissioner Lee mentioned, Dong-gun is rumored to have gained popularity on the spot by performing a lightning ceremony by Bolt, the world record holder, after crossing the 200m finish line. Dong said, “My favorite track and field athlete is Usain Bolt in foreign countries,” and added, “Kim Kook-young and Kim Dae-un in Korea.” Kim Kook-young (Gwangju City Hall) and Kim Da-eun (Gapyeong County Office), both Korean men’s and women’s short-distance runners, are from this competition.

Dong said, “I think I got good results because I worked out steadily at dawn and after school,” adding, “It was hard but fun while exercising with my busy mom and dad.” “In particular, I am grateful to Gapyeong High School coach Oh Hyung-il and Gapyeong Middle School coach Kang Kyung-ah for intensively training since a month before the competition,” he said. “I am also grateful to my brothers and sisters from Gapyeong Elementary and Middle School track and field teams who helped me when I worked out.”

Kang Dae-hoon, the track and field coach of Gapyeong County Office, who watched the competition on the spot, praised, “The record could have fallen due to bad weather (such as rain), and despite his lack of experience in the competition, he performed well.” The competition was hosted by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education and the Gyeonggi Athletics Federation, organized by the Gyeonggi Athletics Federation and the Yeoncheon County Athletics Federation, and sponsored by the Gyeonggi Sports Council, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education and the Yeoncheon County Sports Association.

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