A foreign duo led by Jeong Kwan-gwan, Mega-Jia

Two women from the U.S. and Indonesia united in Korea. 안전놀이터 The main characters are Giovanna Milana (25, USA, registered name Jia), who leads the women’s volleyball court, and Mega Watty Puttywi (24, Indonesia, registered name Mega).

Jeong Kwan-jang made a splash with four wins and two losses in the first round. Mega’s performance, the longest (1m85cm) in the Asian quarter, which was implemented this year, was great. And next to Mega was Jia. Mega’s position is Apogit Spiker, who mainly takes charge of attacks. Mega can play with apogit because of Jia. Coach Ko Hee-jin picked Jia, an outside heater, to revive Mega’s offense. And that choice was right. Jia is a housekeeper who attacks, defends, and receives evenly.

However, Jeong lost five consecutive games in the second round and crashed. The opposing team struggled with the analysis of Mega and Jia. However, he rose to fourth place with a victory against Pepper Savings Bank on the 28th. The competition for spring volleyball begins in earnest from now on.

After winning the Pepper match, the two of them smiled brightly. Mega said, “I was so sad during the losing streak. “I think we played well in the third and fourth sets by trusting and playing among the players,” he said. Jia said, “I was frustrated and desperate because I kept losing after doing well in the first round. It was also confusing. However, I have studied a lot about what to fix, and I think I have maximized my ability by supplementing details such as blocking and defensive positions, he said.

Coach Ko Hee-jin increased the amount of training during the losing streak. However, the two foreign players did not have any complaints. Mega said, “I can’t deny that a lot of practice has helped me improve my skills. “I was nervous because of the defeat,” he said. “The chemistry improved by going to a cafe, getting close, and talking about each other’s thoughts and training.”

Jia said, “Honestly, it was hard. It’s the first time I’ve had such a tough training session on the day after the game. I only slept during the break. But I don’t think there was any other option. We needed a change,” he admitted. “I attacked a lot in the middle in the first round, and the coaching staff showed me my attack route and chart. Since then, he has attacked many straight and diagonal lines,” he explained.

The two people who have lived in completely different cultures are the most dependent colleagues on each other. Kim Yoon-sol (22), who is from Indonesia and is fluent in English, said, “We always stick together, so we have no choice but to get close to each other. We also have good personalities.” In addition, “Mega talks in English in overseas leagues, so it is possible to some extent. During the operation time, we speak in English first, and the director tells Mega again in Indonesian.”

Jia has been with her husband Daniel since two weeks ago. They married three years ago when Jia was 22. When Mega, Jia, Daniel, and Kim Yoon-sol are together, laughter blooms. Jia said, “My husband is a trainer, so he helps me a lot with personal exercise. His personality is also positive, so he brings me to life by joking in the morning,” he said. “Unfortunately, Daniel, who felt heavy after losing consecutive games after entering the country, came to the interview room of the player who was awarded the honor to Pepper on the 28th and smiled broadly.”

Mega was also surprised by the cold in Korea. So far, I have only seen snow once, and I have experienced sub-zero cold for the first time. However, he is adapting quickly, and he is wearing thick clothes to avoid catching a cold. Recently, many Indonesian fans visit stadiums to watch Mega. Mega said, “He sincerely supports me for making time for me and my team. I’m so happy and thankful.”

Coach Ko Hee-jin said, “Jia and Mega are really good and sincere players. As a director, I’m so grateful.” That’s how much I care about the two. Last week, we went to a Thai restaurant for Mega and ate together. Mega said, “The coach didn’t talk about volleyball at all. He told me a lot, “I can do it, it’s okay.” He also took a picture of “Four Cut of Life” with director Ko while eating with Mega and Park Hye-min.

The Jia couple decided to have dinner with director Ko Hee-jin on the 29th. Coach Ko was pleased, saying, “I’m thinking of buying you Korean ribs.” Jia said, “When I talk to the director, I usually ask a lot of creative questions such as, ‘Which do you like better, city or country, dogs or cats?’ I’m going to ask a lot of questions again this time,” he said with a smile.

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