2023 Asian Casino Great Recovery Year

2023 has seen a lot of green shoots in the Asia-Pacific licensed casino segment after a long winter of COVID-19 restrictions.

At least one accusation came on Dec. 27, when state authorities expressed concern over the financing plan after Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture received an unwanted post-Christmas gift that rejected an application to host an integrated resort (IR) with a casino.

Like Nagasaki, Japan’s Osaka metropolis, which submitted its IR plan in April 2022, received approval in April this year, scoring 66% on the government’s checklist, and MGM Osaka’s completion date is now estimated at 2030.

A key story this year has been the “reopening” of mainland China and Macau, which analysts often referred to as the lifting of pandemic-related travel restrictions. Technically, a complete shutdown of movement has been rare during the three years of COVID-19 shutdowns, but cross-border travel, particularly across mainland China and Macau, has been complex and often accompanied by quarantine life in hotels.

Many investment analysts have noted that re-entry of Chinese consumers beyond Macau into regional and global travel markets is slow but still sluggish in 2023. Chinese authorities have shown little sign of abandoning their campaign against “cross-border” gambling crimes, including even soliciting mainlanders to gamble within Macau’s legal jurisdiction over the year.

Many commentators wondered aloud whether a large number of Chinese players would have been eager to offer the service just a few years ago if local casino projects were already open or under development.

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