‘2 Help to SON’ Tottenham Manor Solomon

Five-month rehabilitation eventually goes up to the operating table and is likely to be out of the season

Manor Solomon (25, Tottenham Hotspur) is on the operating table. In fact, he is likely to be out of the season.

“Solomon underwent small surgery on his right knee meniscus yesterday (19th),” Tottenham said on its website on Tuesday (Korea time). “He will continue rehabilitation with our medical staff.”

Solomon wore a Tottenham Hotspur uniform last summer. He is a two-legged Israeli winger who can play both on the left and right sides. He is rather short at 170 cm tall, but boasts fast feet and sharp shots.

Solomon moved to Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine in January 2019, making his name known on 토토사이트. He scored 22 goals in 106 matches for Shakhtar, as well as two league and cup titles each. He also led Real Madrid to a 3-2 victory in the UEFA Champions League.

He was also a player with experience in the Premier League. Solomon spent a year on loan at Fulham, an promoted team, last season. This was attributable to FIFA’s special provision that a player in the Ukrainian league can suspend his contract with his team for one year due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Tottenham succeeded in reinforcing the side by embracing Solomon without a transfer fee.

Son’s performance as a backup and new partner was highly anticipated. In fact, Solomon showed brilliant performances during the pre-season tour as well, and made an impressive mark by giving two assists in five league matches in the early days of the season. He assisted Son twice in the match against Burnley to properly play the role of helper.

However, the injury hampered his performance. Solomon suffered a torn meniscus during training in October last year and has not played a single game since then. Now he has only 10 more games to play in the league.

Solomon left a greeting to his fans on social media. He said, “Recently, I have only focused on rehabilitation and returning to the stadium. The last period has been the toughest and most frustrating period of my career. I have done my best to get back to doing what I love most for the past five months, but unfortunately, I am not fully recovered yet.”

Solomon also added: “At the same time, I’m motivated. I’ll continue to do anything to help the club and the country so that I can come back stronger than ever. Thank you for your support. See you soon.”

It is not yet clear when he will return

However, it is unclear whether Solomon will be able to return before the end of the season. The Athletic reported that Solomon had a successful surgery on a meniscus injury in his right knee. It is not clear yet when he will return.

According to Alessdair Gold, a reporter for “Football London”, Solomon may start training before the end of this season. However, Tottenham is not in a hurry to return because they want him to play the pre-season in full health.

Coach Enzi Postecoglou also told a news conference on Wednesday that “there has been no realistic progress. Solomon is still not very comfortable with the injured area. We will give him some time to recover. The medical team is currently considering other strategies,” adding, “I am not sure (about his return to this season). I do not want to pressure him. He has had a difficult time. Whenever players have a time like this, what is important is not to release a fixed deadline or a definite announcement.”

Rodrigo Bentancur, who returned from a major injury, and Ryan Sessegnon, who is groaning with a hamstring injury, were also mentioned. Postecoglou said, “Bentancur has been rehabbed for two seasons. This is what happens. Sessegnon is also experiencing problems,” adding, “All we have to do is continue to help them, support them, provide as much guidance as possible, leave them in the hands of those who know them best, and then watch the results.”

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