Motorcycle insurance & maintenance

If you’re attracted to the two-wheeled form of transport, this is for you. As with most new pursuits, there’s a lot to get your head around when you start riding a motorcycle licencing, safety equipment, and the machine you want to ride is just the beginning. You’ll also need to get to grips with details like insurance, basic maintenance of your motorbike and improving your skill.

Just as with a car, if you’re riding on the road, you’ll need to be insured. Lower powered bikes cost less to insure and inexperienced riders may have a higher excess. Shop around for a deal that works for you. It’s good to be aware that some insurers give better rates to riders who have advanced rider certifications, so keep this in mind as you gain experience.

As well as insurance, it’s good to have an idea about the general maintenance of your motorcycle. If you’ve bought a second-hand bike, ask for the user manual. If the seller doesn’t have one, make sure you get it online or from the manufacturer. 스포츠토토 This will let you know what tyre pressure should be maintained, as well as where and how to check oil, brakes, coolant, and spark plugs. Other checks include ensuring your chain is lubricated and the correct tension, anti-freeze is at the right level and your lights are working properly.

Keep learning to be a better motorcyclist

With each ride, you’ll learn a little more but as with any skill, to really improve you need to keep training. Just like your professional development, taking a brief course each year is a great way to improve your skill. Some courses such as Biker Down or Bike Safe are free or of minimal cost and focus on safety and first aid, other advanced courses cost a little more but help you improve skills, show you how to lower your fuel consumption, and increase enjoyment on the road.

If you have the time and want to include some different types of riding, think about track days or tours that take you somewhere new. This way you can have a fun motorcycling break that gives you insight and skill that can be used in your everyday riding.

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