Jokic stuck in the Twin Towers

“I can replicate myself”

The Denver Nuggets met the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the second round of the 2023-2024 NBA Playoff at Denver Ball Arena on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) and lost 99-106.

Denver, which won the championship last season, was considered a strong candidate again this season. Although bench players left the team, its main players remained strong. Notably, Nikola Jokic (211 cm, C), who won the MVP award, showed off his outstanding potential again this season. He has recorded an average of 26.4 points, 12.4 rebounds, and 9 assists in this season, and is highly likely to win the MVP award.

Jokic’s performance continued in the playoffs. In the first round, he recorded 28.2 points, 16.2 rebounds, 9.8 assists, 59 percent field goal success rate, and 33 percent three-point shooting success rate. He lightly targeted the defense of Anthony Davis (208 cm, F), the best defender.

The second round opponent is Minnesota, led by “Twin Towers” of Rudy Gobert (216 cm, C) and Carl Anthony Towns (211 cm, C). Jokic, who struggled somewhat with the defense of the two players in the first game.

Jokic’s final performance was consistent with 32 points, 9 assists, and 8 rebounds. However, his power decreased compared to the first round. He also struggled somewhat with his opponent’s height, and his efficiency decreased. The field goal success rate was 44% (11/25), and the three-point shot success rate was 22% (2/9). He also committed seven errors.

The biggest issue was the height of the opponent team. As Towns struggled, other players’ assistive defense came in. Kobe, Najee Reid (206 cm, F), and Jadon McDaniels (206 cm, F) started assistive defense. Then, what does Jokic think about Minnesota’s defense strategy?

Jokic told Clutch Point in an interview, “They are really high. Not only Kobe but also other players are powerful. But there is a way. I just need to replicate myself.”

After that, he added, “I’m kidding, it’s the first game. I only played one game. I can overcome it with my teammates.”

Denver lost the first game even though it had home court advantage. It is a bit disappointing. To change the mood, the team desperately needs to win the second game. Indeed, the team needs to produce different results in the second game that will take place at home court in Denver on Tuesday. To this end, Denver’s forwards need to help Jokic in a high-altitude fight.

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