Jeju Dream Tower Records Highest Earnings Ever In July

Famous Integrated Resort Jeju Dream Tower has many reasons to celebrate. Owned by Lotte Tour, this famous Korean resort reported its financial results for July, and they are fantastic. The resort recorded the biggest profits in history.

Record-breaking month:

Net income from casinos was 20.1 billion won ($15.5 million), which is 76.1 percent higher than the previous monthly record. So far, the record holding May’s revenue was 11.4 billion won ($8.8 million). Compared to July last year, it increased even more to 517 percent.

The number of visitors is also a record. In July alone, 27.005 visitors visited the popular IR. The year-on-year growth has been noticeable since the number of visitors in the same month last year was 7.734. In May 2023, 22.251 visitors recorded growth since enjoying IR, and in June 2023, it rose to 22.251.

As visitor numbers rose, so did sales, with table sales of 17.5 million won and US$13.5 million. That’s up 64% from 10.7 billion won and US$8.2 million recorded in May.

Slot machines were also popular among visitors. Total slot sales were W2.59 billion ($200,000). This is 100 percent more than the previous highest earnings of W897 million ($690.000), which was recorded in June 2023.

However, the reason behind such growth is not yet known, as the company did not want to explain its success further. However, the numbers speak for themselves: W158.6 billion (US$122 million) in sales was 30.4 percent higher than that in June, and 28.5 percent higher compared to May’s results.

The table hold is 13.5%, a result that has not been achieved in more than a year. In May, it was 9.4%, compared with 9.1% in June.

Impressive suggestions:

No wonder the integrated resort has caught the attention of tourists and visitors: It is the tallest building on Jeju Island, which is located across 38 floors. It includes a magnificent outdoor pool deck as well as an impressive casino where guests feature a lounge, two spa centers, 150 tables and 300 slot machines.

However, casinos did not always belong to the building. They were relocated from the smaller Lotte Hotel Jeju in June 2021. The larger space could house more than 5,000 square meters of casinos, which included 141 game tables, 190 slot machines, and 71 thrilling electronic table games.

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