Jeju Casino Tourism Slowing To Pause: Govt

Jeju Sun hotels and casinos in South Korea’s resort island of Jeju have postponed their target date for reopening from July 30 to “some time in October 2022,” while “other” suspended venues plan to reopen due to the current slow rise in inbound tourism, the local government told GGRAsia.

At one point in April last year, only two of Jeju’s eight foreigner-only casinos opened because of tourism disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Jeju Sun Hotel and Casino, operated by Bloomberry Resort Corporation, which is listed in the Philippines, has been closed since March 21, 2020.

A Jeju city spokesperson and Jeju city officials each confirmed to the GGRA the target date for the property’s resumption of operations. The latter mentioned the need to allow time for Jeju’s inbound tourism recovery.

Jeju (pictured), a semi-autonomous region, has localized regulatory authority over foreigner-only casinos located on Jeju Island.

“Regardless of the recent resumption of international flights, we are not seeing inbound foreign travel recover to pre-pandemic levels at the moment,” a government spokesperson said.

“No other casinos have been suspended” due to the status of inbound tourism, a government official added.

The visa-free entry system to Jeju Island for certain foreign passport holders resumed on June 1. International flights through Jeju Island’s airport were allowed from May 1, but the first one took place on June 2.

According to data from the Jeju Tourism Organization, the latest monthly number of visitors to Jeju stood at 4,574 in May, 5,922 in June, and 3,552 from July 1 to 17.

Currently operating Jeju casinos are Jeju Dream Tower Casino operated by Lotte Tourism Development listed on the Korea Exchange, Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Casino operated by Hong Kong-listed Landing International Development, and Paradise Casino Jeju Grand operated by Paradise listed on the Korea Exchange.

Recently, Jeju Island told GGRA that the now-disrupted mega-luck casino, operated by Hong Kong-listed New Silk Road Culture, could be relocated to the Jeju Shilla Hotel.

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